Playing Pubg With Pewdiepie

So I know none of you guys are going to believe me but I met Pewdiepie!!!!

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So it all started last night when I went in a random game of pubg and saw the name of my teammate IT WAS PEWDIEPIE!!!!! I started screaming and he told me and I Quote “Shut your mouth n00b.” So I shut my mouth like my master said . A few minutes passed and we found our selfs on a bridge only 32 left, but little did he know what 1 of the 32 would make things go downhill. Well you know what happened next…

Heres a pic of us.


Christmas Flex

So this Christmas was the WORST one yet! I only got lame broke boy stuff. But to most of you its top tier stuff. So I’m gonna show all of it off for you guys, so don’t drool .

(I’m not trying to flex in any way.)

For Christmas I got:

AirPods – $159

Gucci glasses – $187

Diamond chain – $50,000

Supreme hoodie – $1,800

Diamond Rolex – $35,000

Gucci hat – $350

Total Amount¬†–¬†$87,496

Not that good of a Christmas but I got this sick pick just for the blog. Hope you had a happy Hollidays.


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Roblox Girl Update

Well Thing have not been going well as you can see from the picture below I’ve been brutally beaten. So this all happened when we went on our 2nd date. we went to highly rated Wendy’s near by the school and she asked me to order for her. Being the high key alpha male I am I straight up said “Nah, you have a better chance of catchin’ me dead than seeing me ordering for some girl.” Well I think she got a little mad so she hit me and if you know me you know I ain’t taken crap from no girl. So I called her a dumb n00b. As you can see id didn’t end well…

I Think Im In Love <3

So A Couple of Minutes ago I was playing Roblox High School (My Fav Game BTW) and all of a sudden this hot babe came into the classroom and I went BONKERS!!! We chatted a bit and I knew she was the one. So I Asked Her out on a date, and you will never believe what happened… SHE SAID YES!!! Im So Happy, I have never felt this way before.

This is her by the way!!